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Grilles and Registers


COSMOS Grilles and Registers covers a wide range for supply and return air distribution of HVAC systems and are suitable for ceiling, floor, sill and sidewall applications. They are selected for their pleasing continuous, line, architectural appearance and are designed for ventilation outlets and many other applications. COSMOS offers a complete line of Grilles and Registers, including standard Linear supply and return grilles, Adjustable grilles, Combination grilles, Door grilles, Egg Crate Grilles , Floor Grilles and Curved Duct grilles.


●  Standard construction is aluminum extrusion.

●  Offering superior construction for high performance and durability.

●  Antistatic Powder Coated Finish.

COSMOS Linear grille series CL and CLE comes with standard widths ranges from 2″ to 10″. Linear Grilles & Registers are multi parallel fixed bar type in continuous modular section up to 2 meters long to form linear type grilles.

Grilles and Registers Catalogue

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