Grilles and Registers

   Egg Crate Grill

Standard Model: ECG

Frame: Extruded Aluminium and Fixed Bars

Egg Crate Grilles have long been the industry standard extract grille. Their high free area is able to handle huge air volumes with minimal pressure drops and noise generation.

Product Description

Egg crate grilles are having two main parts which is extruded aluminium frame and 12.5 mm X 12.5 mm X 12.5 mm cube aluminium egg crate cores.

Core is rigidly fixed into the special type of excusive frame and then the corners of the frames are crimped with flat keys
ensures the strength of assembly.

Apart from the return and exhaust purposes, egg crate grilles can be used for supply air purpose with opposed blades dampers fixed to it. Also it can control the exhaust air flow.

Dampers can be operated from the face side of the grille by a screw driver, damper blades are fixed to the frame by nylon bushings to give rattle free operation.

Features / Advantages

● High free area core.

● Minimized pressure drop.

● High quality extruded aluminum profile damper with a black matt finish.

Material & Finish

● High-quality aluminium Extruded profiles with 37 mm flange width frame as standard.

● 12.5 mm X 12.5 mm X 12.5 mm aluminium louver as inner egg crate core.

● Powder-coated color finish, RAL9016.

● Other finish is available as option.