The Cosmos range of air distribution products are presented in this Website. It is manufactured and marketed by Spectrum Industries Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai office pioneered advance products for HVAC industries and continues to be an industries leader with modern manufacturing equipment, design capabilities and testing laboratory for research and development.

The entire range is designed and manufactured to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of architects and interior designers and at the same time taking care of the performance requirements of consulting engineers. A happy blend of the two helps us to meet the challenge of maintaining our reputation as the leading manufacturer of quality products for the HVAC air distribution market.

By keeping in touch with the market-place, constantly interacting with architects, space designers, consultants and large users with special needs, we plan newer and better products for the future. Better air distribution is our only focus and customer satisfaction our only goal.

Crafted from aluminium, all air outlets are corrosion resistant and impart a sleek, contemporary look to modern air conditioned structures. After all, the only face of an air conditioning system that is visible to a building’s user, whether it is an office, bank, software centre, hotel or hospital, is the simple grille or diffuser that is commonly associated with air conditioning.