Life Safety Dampers

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Life Safety Dampers


Passive Fire Protection (PFP) systems contain fire and smoke to predetermined areas of a building, to prevent it from quickly spreading through the rest of the building. COSMOS Life safety dampers are installed in HVAC ducts, partitions and wall penetrations to support the PFP system to protect life and diminish property loss during a life safety event .There are four types of life safety dampers available with COSMOS: motorized fire dampers, fusible link fire dampers ,smoke dampers and combination firesmoke dampers.


●  180 GSM G.I. Sheet Construction.

●  UL certified & tested for 1 ½ Hrs. Fire Resistance Rating as per UL 555

●  UL certified & tested for leakage Rating as per UL 555S

●  UL listed fusible link for 165°F temperature rating

Cosmos Fire Damper Models FD-M-R-A & FD-M-L-A are UL Listed motorized dampers. When the fire damper is used to prevent the spread of fire, damper closes upon receiving a signal from UL Listed fire sensor to UL Listed actuator connected in series. Fire sensor drives motorized fire damper to its safe position when the temperature at the damper (tripping temperature) exceeds 165° F

Combination Fire & Smoke Damper

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