Under Floor Air Distribution

   Floor Swirl Diffuser

Standard Model : FSD

Flexible, Efficient and Controllable Underfloor Air Distribution.

Product Description

Flexible, Efficient and Controllable Underfloor Air Distribution.

Swirl diffusers are modular devices that are designed to mount into an access floor and 􀀝plug􀀠 into the underfloor air handling space. Diffusers are installed within an access floor panel and can be relocated at any point on the floor plate. This device delivers conditioned air at floor level to the space and allows the occupant to manually control both the volume and direction of the air. The diffuser is constructed of a durable, high impact, polycarbonate material available in black or grey finish.

Features / Advantages

● Low-pressure drop core /damper assembly design.
●  Core design produces low-velocity helical discharge air pattern.
●  Assembly achieves high induction rates of room air which optimizes circulation.

Finish Options

●  Antistatic Powder Coating.
●  Standard finish shall be RAL 9016.
●  Damper and basket shall be black.
●  Other Finishes available on request.