The performance data of all COSMOS Air Distribution Products are determined in the certified internationally acclaimed laboratories as well in-house COSMOS Testing laboratories to both the applicable standards and guidelines. Execution and quality of such measurements are determined by the quality management manual as per ISO 9001 and checked in regular intervals.


DIN EN ISO 3741 Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure – Precision methods for reverberation test rooms.

DIN EN ISO 7235 Laboratory measurement procedures for ducted silencers and air-terminal units – Insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss.

ASTM E477 Standard test method for measuring acoustical airflow performance duct liner materials & fabricated silencers.

AHRI/ARI 880 Laboratory method used for Performance Rating Of Air Terminals

Aerodynamic Performance

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 70 Method of testing the performance of Air Outlets & Air Inlets.

Simulated Rain Performance

EN 13030:2001 Ventilation for buildings. Terminals. Performance testing of louvers subjected to simulated rain.

Fire Resistance Performance

UL 555 UL Standards for Safety Fire Dampers to check Fire Resistance rating

UL 555 S UL Standards for Safety Smoke Dampers to classify the leakage and temperature rating in smoke control systems.

The data of air velocities and distributions, pressure drops and sound power levels determined in the various laboratories are summarized in the catalogue data and product information of the corresponding products.

Testing Standard Certification