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Volume Control Dampers


COSMOS Volume control dampers are designed to control airflow volume in low to high pressure and velocity HVAC systems. Manual or Automatic Control Dampers can be used to regulate the airflow, depending on the zone / area requirement thus conserving the energy and to regulate overall comfort of the air conditioned space. Typical applications for the volume control dampers would include volume control of airflow in zoning, intake, exhaust, mixed air applications, air handler units and also economizer systems. Gravity Dampers have been specifically designed for use in air conditioning and ventilation systems. These dampers are used for air intake, exhaust and also used for pressure relief.


● Frame & blade construction can be galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel or aluminum extrusion to suit the client’s specific requirements.
●  Aerofoil / 3 ‘V’ groove Blade options as per application.
●  Low leakage rating with specially designed blade seals.

In HVAC installations two different types of rectangular dampers are used to modulate air flow. These are parallel and opposed blade dampers. Parallel blade dampers are constructed so all the blades moves in the same direction and parallel. Opposed blade dampers are constructed so blades next to each other move in opposite directions.

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