Laboratory Air Distribution

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Laboratory Air Distribution


Proper airflow distribution in laboratories is important to laboratory occupants as it helps ensure a healthy, productive and energy efficient environment for research and development. The process of designing specifying, and testing the air distribution systems and components for laboratories is a critical function of the architects, engineers, test and balance firms, and facility commissioning agents. COSMOS offers application oriented solutions for laboratories.


●  Standard Construction includes a Galvanized casing , Aluminum Flow Sensor & Aluminum honeycomb air flow straightener

●  Precise air flow measurements

●  Low signal to noise ratio

The key concept of laboratory ventilation is the air entering the laboratory must exit the laboratory. The inflowing air volume, normally composed of supply air infiltration, will exactly equal the outgoing air volume, or air exhausted through room exhaust, fume hoods, canopy hoods, biological safety cabinets and exfiltration.

Laboratory Air Distribution Catalogue

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